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All You Need for a Home Cinema System (Part 2)

The Role of a Home Audio Consultant in Designing your Home Theater

In our last blog post, we talked about a few devices that you must have in order to create your own home cinema system. However, the list is not over. There are a few more devices to buy, and some more things to consider. But, as long as you follow the advice of our skilled home audio consultant you’ll pull it off.

Speakers – In order to re-create the wraparound excitement of movie theater sound, you’ll have to buy at least five speakers and a subwoofer. Some people go with six or even sever speakers in order to enhance the quality of sound. However, five will do just fine, as long as they are high-quality.

Cables – You’ll need video, audio and speaker cables. You may be tempted to use some of your old cables. We suggest you don’t. Old cables may damage the quality of sound, making the entire system less performance. Cables that come with the TV and the other devices are not of the best quality as well. We should consider buying some high-quality cables.

Setting the whole system up is a real challenge. This is where hiring a home audio consultant will prove to be extremely helpful. East Texas Audio can help you choose and install all devices and equipment necessary for an outstanding home cinema system. If you reside in Tyler TX, call us at (903) 352-8189.

All You Need for a Home Cinema System (Part 1)

Find Out Everything You Need to Buy from Your Local Home Theater Store in Order to Build Yourself an Impressive Home Cinema

Putting together an awesome home cinema is not that easy. The key is pairing a good surround sound with an engaging high-def picture. However, choosing the right devices and installing them properly is not for amateurs. Although you can ask the tech from your local home theater store for advice, we highly recommend you hire a professional. Here’s what you’ll need to buy:

             TV – The picture is the focal point of a home cinema, so you better pay attention to what you buy. Although a high-resolution (1080 pixels) TV will suffice, if you really want to go wild, then consider the new 3D TVs. You can check them out at your home theater store first, to see if you’re comfortable with such a device. Many people don’t find it attractive.

            Disc Player – Now that you have the high-def TV, you’ll need high-def sources. A Blu-Ray player offers nothing but the best. You’ll be able to play 1080 pixels videos, not to mention ultra-detailed surround formats.

            Receiver – A receiver is the main control center for your audio entertainment. It processes audio signals from your TV or Blu-Ray player, amplifies them, and then sends them to your speakers.

            Visit our next blog post in order to find the rest of the things you’ll need for your splendid home cinema. Meanwhile, if you need professional assistance for installing any of these devices, contact East Texas Audio at (903) 352-8189. We are located in Tyler TX.