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How to Wall Mount a TV

The installation of television is one of the best modern features that can be found in any and all homes. This gives you the ideal way to enjoy an infinite amount of media, programs, and even Internet browsing. TVs are not only available through TVs, but also through smart TVs, which are Internet-connected televisions. To get you started, here is a simple TV installation procedure:

Remove the stand or legs.

If your TV has stood, examine the back of it for screws that hold the stand or legs in place. To remove the stand or legs from the base of your TV, use a screwdriver to turn the screws counterclockwise. Detaching the stand is important so that you can install the appliance properly on the wall.

Attach the vertical brackets to the back of your television.

Place the vertical mount brackets on the back of your television, aligning them with the screw holes. The mounting screws should then be fed through the holes in the brackets and turned clockwise with a screwdriver to secure them to your TV. Stop turning the screws as soon as you feel resistance, as over-tightening them may cause damage to your TV’s back panel.

Hang the TV.

Lift and carefully tilt your TV toward the wall so that the top of the vertical bracket can be hooked onto the top rail of the wall plate. Then, gradually lower your TV until it is fully supported by the wall plate. Ask for help from a family member to secure the appliance. If you hear an audible click when you lower your wall mount, it’s already locked in place and doesn’t need any additional hardware.

Connect the power and AV cables to your TV.

Plug any power cords or AV cables into the ports on the back or side of your TV. Connect the power cord to an outlet near you, and then plug in any cable boxes, game consoles, or speakers you’re using to begin relaxing and watching TV.

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