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Your entertainment system will offer the utmost pleasure if you integrate it with the right sound system. Whether you are having it in a theater or something else, you need excellent sound quality to be fully amused. Theater systems are great and all, but they aren’t perfect. They can malfunction at the most inopportune times and when they do, that’s when you need the assistance of an expert. If you’re wondering what the most common theater problems are, read on below.


One of the most common system symptoms is communication issues between you, the unit, and your smart devices. This is because the technology gets old and over time, it won’t fully communicate with a device that requires some information from it. So make sure to update it from time to time, or better still, have a new one installed instead. Having an updated device installed in your systems insures successful presentations.

Deep bass

Deep bass doesn’t have to be overwhelming, but it shouldn’t be missing either. You should be hearing just the right level of deepness, which is different for everyone. If all the music sounds muffled, then deep bass isn’t present. The only way to know if it’s there is to get a test disc and if deep bass is there, great, if not, call an expert.

Distorted sound

This can be a changed tonality or harshness to the sound. It’s a bad thing and can be easily fixed. However, if it’s not being caused by the unit, then your TV may be the culprit. When setting them up, pay attention to the sound and if you get distorted sound, you need to call experts right away.

If you experience these problems, make sure to call professionals right away in East Texas Audio. We are based in Tyler, TX, and we offer solutions to your theater systems and other sound-related problems. Call us at (903) 352-8189 to know more about our services.